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there are these moments that will forever leave a sharp imprint in your memory. spending the summer holidays at your omas house, that time when your parents tell you that there will be no Santa Claus stopping by this year on christmas day, the first time someone breaks your heart, that moment when you open up the letter from university to find out they really did accept you, seeing a book you took photos for being published or the first time your family tells you that they are proud of your work.

or that moment when you open up your mails one evening to find out that you’ve been nominated for the Saveur Blog Awards 2017 in the category “best photography”.

that split second your brain goes numb and you have to catch your breath – followed by the thoughts “but how and why? I didn’t tell anyone about it, I didn’t nominate myself – so who would be crazy enough to nominate me?! ah, I guess it’s just spam.” Well. Saveur assured me that it wasn’t a spam mail and now I’m sitting here still absolutely numb and confused, typing this Blog Post, and letting you know that you can/could vote for either me or all the other fantastic photographers nominated!

Labnoon! Kraut Kopf! What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today! The Freaky Table! Rozkoszny! and…me?

looking up to these photographers for many years, I couldn’t be happier to be nominated with them!

on the weekend I celebrated these amazing news with bubbly and poppy seed cake! (okay okay, more bubbly than cake – don’t judge me!)

you know, while you’re already here, why don’t you hop on over to the Voting Page of the Saveur Blog Awards 2017 and leave your votes for your favourite blogs there?

we all appreciate it very much! < 3


PS: I still have no idea who nominated me – but be assured that I will find you!

and then I’ll hug you. all of you!



(thanks to Sascha Hilgers for the photos of me)





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