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photos for the crazy talented guys at Wild&Wiese

thank you so much the two fantastic and inspiring days!

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#starthappy project for Alpro and sisterMAG

foodstyling / styling / hand modelling by Audrey Cosson

thank you for this awesome and fun project!

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sea salt feature and recipes for sisterMAG°25

foodstyling/styling/recipes/professional hand modelling by Audrey Cosson

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recipes and photos for sisterMAG°23

styling by Rike Janke

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photos for tea exclusive

foodstyling by Janek Sprachta

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boozy amaretto-vanilla shake | vanilla ice cream with meringue and berries | vanilla tart with elderberry jam, gingersnap crust and marshmallow meringue | vanilla ice with maltesers, caramel and apple compote

aka: four easy recipes to step up your “store bought vanille ice cream”-game!

click here to see the whole feature!


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baked apple with matcha crumble | matcha-vanilla syrup | matcha cantuccini | matcha-macadamia cake | baked donuts with white chocolate glaze | almond-matcha financiers | waffle cake with matcha frosting, kumquat-quince-jam, chocolate frosting and matcha-meringues | matcha-sugarcookies with candy cane sprinkles

recipes and photos for Matcha by AIYA

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a series for sisterMAG°21 featuring some recipes using tea as an ingredient.

lovely/ amazing/fantastic/kickass styling by Rike Janke

recipes and photos by yours truly